How to write a cover letter

A cover letter doesn’t seem to be an easy task to accomplish. It is even possible that there is a certain percentage of candidates who give up an oportunity to apply for a job because of the necessity to accompany their resume with a cover letter. But if you go step by step, you’ll able to write a masterpiece sooner than you might have thought.

Imagine an ad which presents a certain product. The ad must be able to impress a potential customer not only on an emotional level but also convince with real facts that the presented goods is exactly what he needs. Following this terminology, you – a candidate, are the product and a potential employer is the customer. A cover letter is your chance how to sell yourself. Not by worn-out cliches or by excesive emphasizing of your accomplishments. You need to back up the way you’re selling yourself with the real experiences, presented in a way that will touch  emotions as well as they affect reasoning of a person who reads your letter.This effect should be caused immediately because it is a well-known fact that an experienced HR person dedicates reading of a CV approximately 30 seconds. How to sell yourself than? How to impress in such a limited amount of time?

It is not as difficult as it seems. You need to think who your potential employer is and what exactly you can offer him. What will he gain if he gives you a chance? What are yours strenghts and weaknesses and likelyhood that you are the right fit? Consider your accomplishments, how hard have you worked on yourself.

Important fact which is quite often overlooked is, that cover letter must match the position in which is an applicant interested. For this reason is particulary essential to visit the web pages of the company in order to figure out the inner-company culture, what type of employees work in and even a tone in which the website is written may give you a clue. If you intutively feel that the company put impact on conservative persona, adjust accordingly the way you write your cover letter. If it is obvious that the company is playfull, website is colourfull and interactive, try to set up your letter in a same manner. This is one of the steps which subcounsciously affects the reader’s mind so he’ll say to himself „Ah, this person has something in common with me. He could have something what I need.“

Now, when the employer is almost „on your side“, is the right moment for you to emphasize your interest to work for this specific company. You may want to state that you are identifying with inner-politics of the company, that you noticed details such as well done website, etc. You won’t do any harm if you over-emphasize and write that you have heard they highly value their employees and support their satisfaction and professional growth. Your potential employer will easily obtain the feeling, that you really have a personal interest to work specificaly for him.

In this phase is the employer complimented with your interest and now comes the time, when he is looking for the facts – real experiences which match all the criteria needed for this position. Use this space for short but accurate list of your education and professional experiences. Note successes you accomplished just by yourself so it is evident that you are a proactive person. Be careful here. The list should not copy information stated in your CV.


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